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Barum Polaris 5 4x4

Barum Polaris 5 4x4

/70% · winter · : Lowcost

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Barum Polaris 5 4x4 is made in 18 sizes, starting from 205/70 R15 up to 255/50 R19.
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    It is made in total of 18 sizes, 205/70 R15 being the smallest and 255/50 R19 the largest. Barum is a brand from Czech Republic and belongs to the Continental group. Barum Polaris 5 4x4 replaced an older model - Barum Polaris 3 4x4. Eu ratings can provide interesting overview over the available dimensions - 100% of Barum Polaris 5 4x4 has "C" wet grip rating and most (89%) of the dimensions has "E" fuel-saving rating. Noise levels of most dimensions are average - 89% of them produce 72db noise, which result in "b" overall rating.



    Barum Polaris 5 4x4 was launched and replaced Barum Polaris 3 4x4.


    1. Is this tyre suitable for SUVs?

      Yes, this tyre is also made in SUV sizes.

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