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Kumho Ecsta HS52

205/55 R17 Kumho Ecsta HS52 variants

Kumho Ecsta HS52 is a summer tyre made in total of 88 sizes, ranging from R14 to R14 - this particular dimension is R17, which means it fits to a 17 inch/431.8mm diameter wheel. 205/55 R17 is 30mm wider than the narrowest dimension (175) and 40mm narrower than the widest one (245). This tyre profile of 55 means the sidewall height of the tyre is 55% of the tyre width (205mm), which results in 112.75mm sidewall height. In 205/55 R17, there is only one possible speed index for Kumho Ecsta HS52 - "V", which is good for speeds up to 240 km/h.

205/55 R17 95 V XL

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205/55 R17 95 V 5/55 ZR17 10

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Kumho Ecsta HS52 is made in 88 sizes, starting from 175/65 R14 up to 245/45 R18.

Kumho Ecsta HS52 in tyre tests

Relevant tyre tests in same or similiar dimension (205/55 R17)
Name Stopping distance on dryStopping distance on wet
Best values in test35,425,8
Kumho Ecsta HS5235,4 26,1
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Autobild Summer tyre test 2024 205/55 R16
Ranked #5 of 20
Securing a commendable 5th place out of 20 participants, the Kumho Ecsta HS52 achieved a noteworthy final rating of 'Good.' This tire stood out for its impressive performance on both wet and dry surfaces, delivering short braking distances under these conditions, which directly contributed to its strong showing. It was particularly dominant in dry braking, dry handling, and wet braking disciplines, showcasing its superior engineering in these critical safety aspects. Despite these strengths, the tire did not go without critique; its ride comfort was described as moderate, suggesting room for improvement in this area. However, given its competitive pricing, the Kumho Ecsta HS52 offers a compelling value proposition for drivers looking for reliable performance without breaking the bank.
Kumho Ecsta HS52
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ADAC Summer tyre test 2023 205/55 R16
Ranked #8 of 50
Finishing 8th out of 50 competitors, the Kumho Ecsta HS52 achieved a commendable distinction for its performance, earning a final rating of "Good." This tire displayed a well-rounded competence, delivering reliable results on both dry and wet roads. Its braking distances were marked as good compared to other participants, especially noting its proficiency on wet surfaces with strong grip and confident maneuverability. However, it did report minor setbacks, including slight deficiencies in its environmental footprint, efficiency, and sustainability aspects. While it scored well for its longevity and wear, the increased weight of the tire detracted from its efficiency rating. Moreover, sustainability was rated merely as satisfactory, primarily due to its production origin. Despite these areas for improvement, the Kumho Ecsta HS52 stood out for its safety on the road, confirming its solid standing among other contenders.
Name Enviromental impactDriving safety
Best values in test1,31,8
Kumho Ecsta HS522,72,3
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Source: www.adac.de
Kumho Ecsta HS52
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Name Points totalWetDry
Best values in test104,7106103,4
Kumho Ecsta HS5296,994,399,5
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Source: www.autoklub.cz

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