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Michelin Alpin A4

Michelin Alpin A4

/70% · winter · · : Premium

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Michelin Alpin A4 is made in 35 sizes, starting from 165/70 R14 up to 225/55 R17.
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Michelin Alpin A4 is ranked #70 of 947 winter tyres based on the results of tests carried out by ADAC 2019, ADAC 2016, and other organizations. Michelin Alpin A4 belongs to the Premium segment and is made by a manufacturer from France. It is made in total of 35 sizes, 165/70 R14 being the smallest and 225/55 R17 the largest. This tyre was featured in tests 5 times, first test was carried in 2015. Michelin Alpin A4 got replaced by a newer model - Michelin Alpin 6. This model received the best possible rating in 1 tests. Eu ratings can provide interesting overview over the available dimensions - 95% of Michelin Alpin A4 has "C" wet grip rating and most (85%) of the dimensions has "E" fuel-saving rating. It can be compared to UltraGrip 9+, which is a tyre from GoodYear (USA) and has a rating of 81%, compared to 70% of the Michelin in question.

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Michelin Alpin A4 was tested 3x (Autobild,...)


Michelin Alpin A4 was tested 1x (ADAC)


Michelin Alpin A4 was tested 1x (ADAC)


Michelin Alpin A4 got replaced by Michelin Alpin 6


Wet braking
Adac 2019
Wet circle cornering
Adac 2019

Michelin Alpin A4 in tyre tests

The Michelin Alpin A4 is a premium segment winter tyre that has been tested by some of Europe's most valued organizations. The first test was conducted in 2015, and it was last tested in 2019. The tyre has received an overall rating of 86% based on the test results, which is a great result for a premium segment tyre.

In the 2019 ADAC winter tyre test, the Michelin Alpin A4 was ranked 6th out of 16, and it was recommended by the organization. The tyre performed best in dry driving behavior, ice braking, mileage, wet braking, and wet circle cornering. In the same test, the Kleber KRISALP HP3 was the best value in the test.

In the 2016 ADAC winter tyre test, the Michelin Alpin A4 stood 2nd out of 15. Although there is no information about the rating on this test, it shows that it performed well against 14 other competitors.

In the 2015 Autobild winter tyre test, the Michelin Alpin A4 was placed 4th out of 49 in the braking distance test and 5th out of 18 overall in the same size.

Finally, in the 2015 Autozeitung winter tyre test, the Michelin Alpin A4 was ranked 5th out of 14 and was highly recommended by the organization.

Overall, the Michelin Alpin A4 performed well in all the tests and won in some disciplines, showcasing its excellent properties as a premium winter tyre.

All tyre tests where Michelin Alpin A4 was featured:
ADAC Winter tyre test 2019 185/65 R15
Ranked #6 of 16
Name WetDrySnowIceNoiseWearFuel consumption
Best values in test1,82,11,92,22,61,51,6
Michelin Alpin A42,12,22,82,33,01,5 2,7
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Source: www.oeamtc.at
Name WetDrySnowIceNoiseWearFuel consumption
Best values in test1,81,91,72,22,811,5
Michelin Alpin A42,42,02,42,43,51 2,5
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Name Stopping distance on wetStopping distance on snow
Best values in test36,827,7
Michelin Alpin A439,727,9
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Name WetDrySnowRunning costs
Best values in test12+11
Michelin Alpin A422-1 1-
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Autozeitung Winter tyre test 2015 185/65 R15
highly recommended
Ranked #5 of 14
Name Points totalWetDrySnow
Best values in test415144136144
Michelin Alpin A4367114124129
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Test ratings distribution

100% (1x)85% (3x)
Highly recommendedRecommendedGoodRecommended

Ratings x Wheel size

88.8% (4x)

Ratings x Width

185/xx Rxx
88.8% (4x)

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