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Toyo Proxes Sport 2

Toyo Proxes Sport 2

/79% · summer · · : Upper-middle

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According to several test results, the Toyo Proxes Sport 2 is a summer tire that boasts a balanced and safe handling on both wet and dry roads. It provides good grip and short braking distances on dry roads while also offering good rolling comfort and low rolling resistance. Additionally, the tire is considered to offer a good price-performance ratio.

On the other hand, some tests have reported slightly longer braking distances on wet roads and average safety reserves during cornering in wet conditions. Another negative aspect mentioned in one of the tests was that the tire has limited durability and a high price, which resulted in a lower rating.

Overall, these various test results suggest that the Toyo Proxes Sport 2 tire provides a well-rounded and reliable performance on both wet and dry roads, making it a good choice for drivers looking for a decent summer tire.


Toyo Proxes Sport 2 is made in 28 sizes, starting from 101/30 R0 up to 275/35 R19.
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Toyo Proxes Sport 2 is ranked #79 of 943 summer tyres based on the results of tests carried out by Autobild 2023, Autobild 2023, and other organizations. Toyo Proxes Sport 2 belongs to the Upper-middle segment and is made by a manufacturer from Japan. It is made in total of 28 sizes, 101/30 R0 being the smallest and 275/35 R19 the largest. This tyre was featured in tests 3 times, first test was carried in 2023.



Toyo Proxes Sport 2 was launched


Toyo Proxes Sport 2 was tested 3x (Autobild,...)


Wet circle cornering
Autobild 2023

Toyo Proxes Sport 2 in tyre tests

The Toyo Proxes Sport 2, a middle segment tyre, has been recently tested and evaluated by some of Europe's most respected tyre testing organizations, including Autobild. The tests were conducted in 2023 on various dimensions of the tyre, during the summer season. According to the overall results, the Toyo Proxes Sport 2 received an unsatisfactory rating of 76%, which is not a very good result for a mid-segment tyre. In the Autobild tyre tests, it earned the seventh-place position out of 13 tyres in the 225/40 R18 dimension and was ranked tenth out of 50 tyres in the braking distance test for the 225/45 R18 dimension. In the same dimension, it took the fourteenth spot out of 20 tyres. One positive note was that it performed well in the wet circle cornering test for the 225/40 R18 dimension, where it ranked first. Despite these strengths, the Toyo Proxes Sport 2 has a long way to go before catching up with other tyres in its category, as demonstrated by these test results.

All tyre tests where Toyo Proxes Sport 2 was featured:
Name WetDry
Best values in test2+1-
Toyo Proxes Sport 222
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Name Stopping distance on dryStopping distance on wet
Best values in test58.124.8
Toyo Proxes Sport 26126.9
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Source: www.autobild.de
Autobild Summer tyre test 2023 225/45 R18
Ranked #14 of 20
Name WetDryRunning costs
Best values in test2+1-1
Toyo Proxes Sport 222+3
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Test ratings distribution

85% (2x)

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85% (2x)

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225/xx Rxx
85% (2x)

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