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Toyo - allround tyres 2024 - market overview, tests, reviews

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We have selected a few Toyo allround tyres based on recent tests to provide you with accurate reviews and test results. In this article, we will discuss the Toyo Celsius AS2 and Toyo Celsius tyres, which have performed well in multiple tests.

The Toyo Celsius AS2 is a reliable all-season tyre that has proven itself in several tests conducted by Autobild in 2022. In the 195/55 R16 tyre size test, it ranked 13th and 12th, receiving a rating of "uspokojivé" (satisfactory). The reviewers highlighted the tyre's high mileage, very good price-performance ratio, and good aquaplaning reserves. However, they also pointed out a few drawbacks, such as understeering driving behavior and delayed steering response on wet roads, as well as an extended wet braking distance.

In another test conducted by Autobild in 2022 with the SUV tyre size of 225/50 R18, the Toyo Celsius AS2 ranked 9th and also received a "uspokojivé" rating. No specific strengths or weaknesses were mentioned in this test. Overall, the Toyo Celsius AS2 is a trustworthy tyre suitable for various driving conditions.

On the other hand, the Toyo Celsius tyre was also tested in multiple events. In 2022, the tyre was evaluated by ARBÖ in the size of 205/55 R17, where it received a "nedoporučeno" (not recommended) rating. Unfortunately, no specific reasons for this evaluation were provided in the test.

Moreover, the Toyo Celsius was tested by Autobild in 2021 for the 215/60 R16 size, where it ranked 10th and was conditionally recommended. The tyre received praise for its short snow braking distance, stable dry handling, and affordable price. However, it also had some downsides, like its average aquaplaning characteristics, prolonged wet and dry braking distances, and understeering wet handling.

In conclusion, our analysis of the Toyo Celsius and Toyo Celsius AS2 allround tyres indicates that both of these tyres perform satisfactorily in various driving conditions. While the Toyo Celsius AS2 is praised for its high mileage and good price-performance ratio, the Toyo Celsius has shown to have short snow braking distances and reliable dry handling. When selecting the best tyre for your vehicle, always consider the driving conditions and your preferences to make an informed decision.

New Toyo allround tyres

NameRatingTypePrevious modelYear
Toyo Celsius AS2

Toyo allround tyres recommended in tests

Tyres which were evaluated in tests from mostly European autoclubs.
#NameOur ratingTest resultsAchievementsDimensionsPrice from
1 Toyo Celsius AS2
14. Autobild
16. Autobild
7. Autobild
9. Tyre Reviews
12. Autobild
13. Autobild
9. Autobild
Aquaplaning - cross Aquaplaning - longitudal Dry handling Dry lane changing Comfort …+1
2 Toyo Celsius
10. Autobild
Dry handling - objective

Toyo - Model comparison (2024)

1. Toyo Celsius AS2

Tested 4x in 2024, 7x in total.
Test results:
  • Very good aquaplaning resistance
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Tyres which were not featured in any test - new models, older models and non-mainstream models.
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