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Toyo - summer tyres 2023 - market overview, tests, reviews

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We have handpicked a few Toyo summer tyres based on their recent tests and reviews to give you a comprehensive look at their performance. The tyres reviewed here are the Toyo Proxes Sport 2, Proxes Sport A, Proxes Comfort, and Proxes T1 Sport SUV.

Starting with the Toyo Proxes Sport 2, this ultra-high-performance summer tyre received a "good" rating in the Autobild 2023 test for the 225/40 R18 size. The tyre was praised for its sporty handling, good grip, and short braking distances on dry surfaces, as well as its comfort and low rolling resistance. However, it did exhibit slightly longer braking distances on wet surfaces with average safety reserves for curve aquaplaning. In another test by Autobild, the tyre was rated as "satisfactory" for the 225/45 R18 size. It was appreciated for its balanced handling on wet and dry surfaces but was criticized for limited tread life and high prices.

Next is the Toyo Proxes Sport A, a new tyre with more than one test. It received an "exemplary" rating in the 2022 Autobild test for the 225/45 R18 size, showcasing its sporty handling, short braking distances on wet and dry surfaces, and good safety reserves for aquaplaning. The downside, however, was its slightly stiffer ride and increased rolling resistance. The same tyre achieved a "sufficient" rating in the 2021 Autobild test for the 255/35 R19 size.

Meanwhile, the Toyo Proxes Comfort stands out as a touring summer tyre, scoring "good" in the 2023 Autobild test for the 225/65 R17 size. It received positive remarks for its balanced handling on wet and dry roads, short braking distances on dry surfaces, low rolling resistance, and low price. On the other hand, it faced criticism for its mediocre aquaplaning qualities and off-road performance. This tyre has multiple tests under its belt, including the 202_cfg_old:ADAC%202023%20test for the 205/55 R16 size, where it received a "commendable" rating.

Finally, the Toyo Proxes T1 Sport SUV is a summer tyre designed for SUVs, which held up well in multiple tests. In the 2020 ACE test for the 215/55 R17 size, it was "recommended" for its good performance. It also scored a "good" rating in the 2019 Autobild test for the 225/55 R17 size and a "satisfactory" rating in the 2018 Autobild test for the 265/60 R18 size.

In conclusion, Toyo offers a diverse range of summer tyres that cater to different needs and preferences. While some of these tyres have been replaced, the ones mentioned above remain popular choices for their impressive performance and competitive pricing.

New Toyo summer tyres

NameRatingTypePrevious modelYear
Toyo Proxes Sport 2
Toyo Proxes Sport A
Toyo Proxes Comfort

Toyo summer tyres recommended in tests

Tyres which were evaluated in tests from mostly European autoclubs.
#NameOur ratingLast testAchievementsSmallest dimensionLargest dimensionPrice from
1 Toyo Proxes T1 Sport SUV
Dry handling - objective Rolling resistance Wet braking Wet handling - objective 215/55 R18275/40 R20
2 Toyo Proxes R888R
185/60 R14235/45 R88
3 Toyo Proxes Sport A
Aquaplaning - cross Aquaplaning - longitudal Dry braking 225/45 R17255/35 R20
4 Toyo Proxes T1 Sport
Exterior noise Aquaplaning - longitudal Dry steering response 225/55 R16275/35 R20
5 Toyo Proxes T1 Sport plus
225/50 R17225/50 R17
6 Toyo Proxes Sport 2
Wet circle cornering 101/30 R0275/35 R19
7 Toyo Proxes CF2 SUV
Exterior noise Dry driving behavior Rolling resistance 205/70 R15225/55 R19
8 Toyo Proxes Comfort
Dry braking Aquaplaning - cross Comfort Aquaplaning - longitudal Dry handling - objective …+1 175/65 R14195/55 R20
9 Toyo Proxes CF2
Interior noise 165/60 R14225/60 R18
10 Toyo Nanoenergy 2
225/40 R18225/40 R18

Toyo - Model comparison (2023)

1. Toyo Proxes Sport A

Tested 2x in 2023, 3x in total.
Test results:
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2. Toyo Proxes Comfort

Tested 7x in 2023, 11x in total.
Test results:
  • Very good aquaplaning resistance
  • Exceptional handling on the wet
  • Short braking distance on dry roads
  • Great handling on dry roads
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3. Toyo Proxes Sport 2

Tested 3x in 2023, 3x in total.
Test results:
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Other Toyo summer tyres

Tyres which were not featured in any test - new models, older models and non-mainstream models.
#NameSmallest dimensionLargest dimensionPrice from
1 Toyo Proxes T1R
225/40 R14295/25 R22
2 Toyo H08
215/65 R15215/60 R17
3 Toyo NanoEnergy 3
155/65 R13195/65 R15
4 Toyo Open Country AT+
205/70 R15265/60 R18
5 Toyo Open Country H/T
225/70 R15285/45 R22

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