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Comparison: Continental EcoContact 6 vs. Continental PremiumContact 6

Both of the tyres in this comparison are made by Continental, which is a brand from Germany. In this particular case, the Continental PremiumContact 6 has a better rating of 87% compared to 63% of the Continental EcoContact 6. The first tyre test of Continental EcoContact 6 was done in 2020, compared to 2017 when was the Continental PremiumContact 6 first tested. When it comes to comparison, eu labels can be also interesting - 52% of Continental EcoContact 6 dimensions has A wet grip rating. Most (89%) of the Continental PremiumContact 6 also have A wet ratings. If you wonder where the tyres in question are made, the EcoContact 6 is made in Germany and PremiumContact 6 is made in Slovakia/Germany/Czech Republic.

# Continental EcoContact 6
Continental PremiumContact 6

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