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Comparison: Fulda EcoControl HP vs. Nokian WetProof

In this comparison, we are comparing a tyre from a manufacturer from Germany (Fulda) against a tyre from a manufacturer from Finland (Nokian). Generally, Nokian summer tyres are slightly better rated (81%) than Fulda (62%). In this particular case, the Nokian WetProof has a better rating of 87% compared to 81% of the Fulda EcoControl HP. The first tyre test of Fulda EcoControl HP was done in 2016, compared to 2019 when was the Nokian WetProof first tested. When it comes to comparison, eu labels can be also interesting - 71% of Fulda EcoControl HP has B wet grip rating, whereas 100% of Nokian WetProof has A rating.

# Fulda EcoControl HP
Nokian WetProof

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