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Michelin e.Primacy

Michelin e.Primacy

/71% · summer · · : Premium

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The Michelin e.Primacy is a summer tire that excels in environmental sustainability, with the best projected lifespan, minimal wear, and low fuel consumption. It is also lightweight and easy on the wallet. However, when it comes to driving safety, the tire is rated as adequate, with weaknesses in both wet and dry conditions, particularly in braking, aquaplaning, and handling. While it offers good grip at the limit, the steering feedback and dry performance are only satisfactory. The tire is also criticized for its poor ride comfort due to low damping. Overall, the Michelin e.Primacy is a mixed bag, offering excellent eco-friendly features but lagging behind in driving performance, especially in the rain.


Michelin e.Primacy is made in 107 sizes, starting from 165/65 R15 up to 225/45 R21.
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Michelin e.Primacy is ranked #71 of 943 summer tyres based on the results of tests carried out by Automotorsport 2023, ADAC 2023 and other organizations. Michelin e.Primacy belongs to the Premium segment and is made by a manufacturer from France. However, this particular model is made in Italy/Spain. It is made in total of 107 sizes, 165/65 R15 being the smallest and 225/45 R21 the largest. This tyre was featured in tests 2 times, first test was carried in 2023. This model received the best possible rating in 1 tests. Eu ratings can provide interesting overview over the available dimensions - 94% of Michelin e.Primacy has "B" wet grip rating and most (100%) of the dimensions has "A" fuel-saving rating. This tyre has a initial tread depth of 6.1 mm in 205/55 R16. However, this can vary depending on the dimension (6.3 mm - 255/45 R20).



Michelin e.Primacy was launched


Michelin e.Primacy was tested 2x (ADAC,...)


Exterior noise
Adac 2023
Automotorsport 2023
Wet braking
Adac 2023
Automotorsport 2023
Aquaplaning - cross
Adac 2023
Aquaplaning - longitudal
Adac 2023
Dry braking
Adac 2023

Michelin e.Primacy in tyre tests

All tyre tests where Michelin e.Primacy was featured:
ADAC Summer tyre test 2023 205/55 R16
Ranked #38 of 50
Name Enviromental impactDriving safety
Best values in test1,31,8
Michelin e.Primacy1,3 3,9
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Source: www.adac.de
Michelin e.Primacy
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Test ratings distribution

100% (1x)65% (1x)
Very goodSufficient

Ratings x Wheel size

65% (1x)100% (1x)

Ratings x Width

205/xx Rxx255/xx Rxx
65% (1x)100% (1x)


  1. Where is Michelin e.Primacy made?

    Michelin e.Primacy is made in Italy/Spain.

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