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Toyo Proxes Sport A

Toyo Proxes Sport A

/46% · summer · · : Upper-middle

Toyo Proxes Sport A
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The Toyo Proxes Sport A is a summer tyre that boasts a new sporty profile with exceptional driving characteristics. It offers very good safety reserves against aquaplaning, and its handling is sporty on both dry and wet roads. The tyre has short braking distances on wet and dry surfaces, and it comes at a fair price.

However, some tests have shown that the tyre has a firm rolling comfort and elevated rolling resistance, which could negatively affect its fuel efficiency. The tyre also showed average levels of grip in dry and wet conditions, with long braking distances in both tests.

Overall, the Toyo Proxes Sport A is a comfortable and sporty summer tyre with good safety reserves on wet roads, making it an excellent choice for driving enthusiasts. However, its average grip and long braking distances could be a concern for some drivers who prioritize safety above all else.


Toyo Proxes Sport A is made in 16 sizes, starting from 225/45 R17 up to 255/35 R20.
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Toyo Proxes Sport A was launched


Toyo Proxes Sport A was tested 1x (Autobild)


Toyo Proxes Sport A was tested 2x (Autobild,...)


Aquaplaning - cross
Autobild 2022
Aquaplaning - longitudal
Autobild 2022
Dry braking
Autobild 2022

Toyo Proxes Sport A in tyre tests

All tyre tests where Toyo Proxes Sport A was featured:
Autobild Summer tyre test 2022 225/45 R18
Ranked #4 of 11
Securing 4th place among 11 competitors, the Toyo Proxes Sport A impressed with an 'Exemplary' rating. This tyre's new sports profile boasts commendable driving characteristics, combining very good safety margins for aquaplaning with sporty handling on both wet and dry roads. Its short braking distances on wet and dry surfaces further distinguish it. Notable highlights include being the absolute best in disciplines such as cross aquaplaning, longitudinal aquaplaning, and dry braking, showcasing its robust performance in critical aspects. However, it was noted for its firmer ride comfort and increased rolling resistance, though it maintains a fair price level.
Name WetDry
Best values in test2+1-
Toyo Proxes Sport A2+ 2+
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Source: reifenpresse.de
Tyre Reviews Summer tyre test 2022 255/35 R19
Source: www.tyrereviews.com
Name Points totalWetDryEnviromental impact
Best values in test9,15,75,76,3
Toyo Proxes Sport A5,15,7 6,46,3
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Source: www.autobild.de

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100% (1x)65% (1x)

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100% (1x)65% (1x)

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225/xx Rxx255/xx Rxx
100% (1x)65% (1x)

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